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Online Learning

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Online Learning

I offer online learning in Science and IT for homeschooling families. My education style is mostly based on self-directed learning which allows accommodate the teaching process to student's needs.

Simply said – kids should be the people who will drive the lessons.

Available Subjects

  • Biology (up to GCSE for the UK)
  • Chemistry (up to GCSE for the UK)
  • Physics (up to GCSE for the UK)
  • Computer Science (up to GCSE for the UK)

How the online teaching works?

Technical details. We will use an open-source platform Jitsi. It is free, allows encrypted connection, no installation needed and runs in all systems including Android and iOS.

Another software, which would not be compulsory (but useful), is MS Whiteboard. It is a free program for shared drawing, writing and more. You will have to have a Microsoft account to run this app, but it is usually part of Windows 10 on your computer anyway.

As a hardware you will need only a laptop/PC/tablet with a camera, microphone and connection to the Internet. It should not be a problem nowadays.

Get yourself familiar with the rules for self-directed online learning. You will better understand my teaching principles and methods.

Online lessons price list

First three lessons cost £5 per lesson. Following lessons are priced below:

  • Standard price for a lesson is £15/lesson
  • Six and more lessons cost £10/lesson

If you have more kids or friends you can create a group. In this case all participants will pay only £8 per lesson.

There is also better price for individual lessons delivered to siblings. The cost for one student will be only £8 per lesson.

Please remember, the final price is always negotiable, because I understand the wide variety of situations which families can encounter. I am here to help, not create more problems.

One lesson is 60 minutes long. Prices are valid from 20/08/2020.

How to start with online learning?

Information, news, direct communication and help with your homeschooling are available on my Facebook page [mostly in CZ]. If you already decided to try it out, please book your first free session via email.

Timing. I am situated in New Zealand at the moment. It means that we will need to consider time zones for the scheduling of our online lessons. The best times for our sessions will be from 8 am to 1 pm or 8 pm to 10 pm GMT.


Resources for Science and Computer Science.

Aquatic Ecosystems is a short cool looking presentation in biology. Just open the link and you will be guided through the lesson. For the navigation use left and right arrow keys or left and right mouse buttons. For a direct jump on some of the slides, click on the number in the top right corner. Enjoy!

List of resources for Science subjects and IT subjects. Available on Google Drive.

About Me

Let me shortly, perhaps a bit formally, introduce myself and summarise what I have achieved.

I have worked in education for over 13 years, seven years in a state school in Prague and six years in two private schools in England. The last one, and for me the life-changing one, was the first democratic school Summerhill. I taught not only IT and Science (mainly Biology), but also co-operated on the design of the curriculum for both areas and kids 10–16 year-old. Moreover, I always had the ambition, and sometimes even success, to link subjects together into meaningful units.

Apart all of that above, I have worked, since 1998, with children and young adults as a scout leader in Junak, the largest scout organisation in the Czech Republic, and in the Scout Association UK. I believe, it gave me a range of expertise and know-how fabulously fit to the teachers' portfolio. It includes outdoor skills, hiking and camping which are still my favourite hobbies.

Since year 2000, I hold a trade certificate which allows me to organise courses and work in the IT industry. Therefore, I can now work remotely as a web developer from New Zealand for an IT company in Prague. I am also allow to work as a self-employed in the UK.

Congratulation, if you reached up to this point! Let me just mention that I graduated in the master's degree programme as a secondary Biology and Pedagogy teacher at Charles University of Prague. Further more, I gained QTS certificate and my tertiary level of education was recognised by NZQA. The last item on this list is my English language certificate IELTS with the overall bend score seven. This is something what I still seek to improve.

I hope it has been enough information and I'm looking forward to see you at my online lessons.

About Y.:Studio

Y.:Studio is just a personal initiative in education and IT covered by freelance possibilities.


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All software is offered as it is and no warranty is included. Author doesn't have any responsibility for possible damages or errors caused by the software. Exceptions are guaranteed by an exclusive agreement and licensing.